Brand creative

Marrying London agency values and sensibilities with the best in creative and critical brand communications strategy and thinking.

Full-service editorial, photography and design; digital, print and social; brand-building and logo development; workspace fit-outs and roll-outs; technology support and procurement: back office systems and services;  B2B interfaces and platforms.

Why it matters

Because realising a strong sense of brand is pivotal in successfully connecting with audiences.

A coherent, clearly-defined communications strategy – encompassing all aspects of the visual and written identity – means instantly bridging the gap between your business and your customer from the point of first encounter. And as we all understand, first impressions count.

Diane Palmquist, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Stibo Systems
"I love the creativity of the STENCIL team. I bring them a business problem with a vague concept, and they come back with creative branding and polished collateral – all with just the right phrasing"
Andrew Race, Managing Director, Reuben Heaton
"From strategy through to delivery, the levels of service we have enjoyed constitute the best imaginable when using an outside agency"
Jon Perkins, Managing Director, Perkins Family
"STENCIL has been instrumental in advising and developing how we present the business. We wouldn't have made the progress we have without them"
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From magazines and websites to social media and film; turning communication suites into sweet communication x


Andy Afford, STENCIL
“Talking to clients that are looking to move forward as brands, I don’t envy them the dilemma of how they go about making that happen. First of all, where do you start?

“Maybe as a kick-off you look at commissioning a big agency? Some place with swish offices and postcode, but in the knowledge that with all of that comes matching overheads. Or is faith placed in a hungrier agency? Like STENCIL.

“Regardless of which route you end up taking, I guarantee three things. Firstly, you’ll end up interacting regularly with maybe two or three people from your chosen agency. Tops. Regardless of whether a business lists ten staff or a thousand. So make sure they’re the right ones.

“A second guarantee. Those faces and names at the top of that big agency website, they won’t be the people handling your account nor managing the creative process. With STENCIL it’s different. You’ll get the best of us. Start to finish. We do that because we understand how vital it is for both parties that you take your business forward. And at STENCIL we back ourselves to prove instrumental in making that a reality.

“And you’ll benefit from our levels of industry and eye for detail. But more than that, you’ll be getting our very best as creatives and executives. We won’t cut you off a few metres of ‘design’, accompanied by an invoice. We’ll do something great. Together. Consider that my third and final guarantee.”

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