A purpose-driven creative agency.
Solving often-complicated design problems by empowering the best young talent through sophisticated leadership.

Our studio, where every face fits…

A purpose-led creative agency. 

STENCIL offers opportunity to young creative types both as designers and as design executives. The business leaders’ attitude towards and aptitude for coaching and mentoring encourages faster-than-normal professional development of staff. And whether part of the extensive intern programme, or full-time team member, people are supported in their work.

This leads to…
Fuller workplace integration; pan-generationally. An ease of idea transference; philosophically. An openness and acceptance as individuals. Ever-respectful of the personal nature of often unique perspectives.

STENCIL is a forever-interesting and modern workplace. Where every size fits. And working; the work; and the worker; works.

A place of creatives by design; as executives by experience; and as mentors by nature. Generating work of genuine depth and richness because of it.

Building meaningful creative partnerships and alliances

Seeing young people develop as professionals is a joy. For the team members themselves. For team leaders. And for clients, as well as our institutional partners.

Working with us

With each project STENCIL considers, questions, and then creates effective tools for its clients. Every single piece of work is infused with the ideas and energy of youth. Tempered by the sophistication of senior leadership.

Critical thinking

Our experienced senior team, mixed with our progressive internal culture seems to create ideas that resonate strongly with clients on every level. Work includes strategic brand positioning, brand personality and campaign creation and design.

Brand identities

Creating or reimagining what brands might be is bound in our ability to translate ideas into assets. Be them visual identities, sonic versions, logos or tone-of-voice pieces. All committed to easily-understood brand guidelines. 

Creative rollout

When we’ve thought about things, we make them. Everything from animated videos to filmed content. From websites and digital assets to print pieces, such as magazines and reports.

Selected design projects