Tomdoun Estate

Tomdoun & East Glenquoich Estate is an atmospheric and remote Highland Retreat in the far north of Scotland. Famed for the quality of its hunting and fishing, the 11,000 acres offers an opportunity to get away from it all.

Beating A Retreat

 Joining the design dots on this ambitious project was all about firstly capturing and then projecting the atmosphere of the place. With its thousands of acres of pristine wilderness, and the estate’s main lodge dating from 1895, it really couldn’t be any more ‘Scotland’. 

Branding. Web Design. Signage. Film. Illustration. Photography.

Feeling The Beat

The rebrand was all about conveying the imagery and rhythm captured in our ‘Imagine A Kingdom’ campaign messaging. Evocative, almost spiritual and most definitely visceral, the verse was composed and written to be read to the pace of the beating pulse of a Highland stag’s resting heartbeat. The colour palette chosen reflects the colours of the region across the seasons. 

Wayfaring signage and printed materials all feed into the same picture of understated elegance. Everything from the estate beat map to markers reference the great outdoors.

Illustration also played its part in setting the scene and creating an atmosphere. With the overarching design scheme created to fit in rather than stand out.

A traditional shield design, reflecting the equal importance of the estate’s flora and fauna. All held in place by the most traditional of celtic bands. 

Virtual Presence

Given the remoteness of the place, getting people ‘there’ virtually was of real significance. We produced a highly visual website, complete with embedded video clips and large format photography to make the most of the estate in all its detail. 

Image a kingdom; of legend not myth
A land where eagles soar and red stag roar
And rivers run clear and deep
Of heather and stream
A place where wind blows…
Tomdoun, Scotland
Image a kingdom, your kingdom.