The Tecsa Group

Tecsa help large global businesses make the most of their customer data by leveraging their hands-on expertise in creating some of the world’s most-famous loyalty programmes.

Doyens Of Data

Tecsa started as a ‘name only’ and largely brandless side project for its directors, the company activated on an as-and-when basis, against direct client requests for help. With the business getting ever bigger, it quite suddenly needed to present itself to the world as the serious concern it was fast becoming. STENCIL created a new brand against the existing name. Contributing everything from logo and branding to tone of voice and overarching look-and-feel.

Branding. Animation. Web Design.

The cultural significance of colour (especially sensitive within the territories the brand would be operating) saw blue adopted as the primary brand tone. Supporting this solid choice with a continuum of lighter and darker shades. The animated ‘underscore’ sees this wider colour palette digitally ‘assessed, sorted and organised’ as a graphic interpretation of the business’ overarching purpose.

As an ‘under the bonnet’ business, client confidentiality was a huge consideration in the web-build. And anonymity isn’t easy to pull off, especially so if the content is to retain integrity and remain engaging to viewers. The website also needed to present as being professional and credible.