As the final resting place of the kings of Mercia, aspiration is high in this particular corner of rural Derbyshire. Sitting at the top-table of the UK’s independent schools list, Repton sets and expects the highest of academic standards. But the highest expectations of all are to be found on the sports fields.

Holding Out For A Hero

Historically, Repton’s sports prospectus had been primarily regarded as the means by which to showcase the facilities and coaching to be expected. The product had seen high production values thrown at it, as opposed to high concept, with page planning given to spread after spread of essentially the same subject matter and emphasis. Uniformity at the expense of the reader experience.

We advanced the idea of shifting focus from legacy and facility to what we felt was the best examples of the school’s prowess; the future stars on the field. Showcasing talent as inspiration and aspiration. It also enabled the telling of real living stories through commissioned portraiture and cover images of these fantastic young athletes.

Illustration. Animation. Campaign.

The power of brilliantly executed and carefully targeted high-concept print is the immediacy of its impact

The finished piece sits well outside of the sector norm. And well above expectation. With its high concept cover making a strident statement about what constitutes the very nature of competition, adding interest as well as providing food for thought.

Ensuring that the finished product matches client expectations and institutional values is a must. But making sure that the piece performs well is about expert understanding. Too highly spec’d and print pieces become cardboard-like. Too low – improving the prospectus’ ‘flop’ – and the product’s low page count causes production problems in not offering enough thickness of a spine for binding.

Adopting and then adapting the attitude of the Sports prospectus was the key in rolling it out conceptually across the Creative Arts version. Maintaining size and proportion made them part of a set, with strong design – again showcasing students and their work – setting the piece alight. A wrap-around poster forming the cover offered a true technical challenge in it being self-contained and attached to the main product but also able to be removed and folded open.