Stibo Systems

Denmark’s Stibo Systems is described – with tongue firmly in cheek – as the world’s oldest master data management company. Established in 1794, it has been a journey from analogue to digital; from books to big ol’ backend builds.

Delivering Nature Nurtured

Stibo Systems hosts its own global thought-leading conference. Called ‘Connect’, and rolling around annually, it’s viewed as an opportunity for this largely understated business to make a bit of a statement about itself. Inspired by Denmark’s ‘Black Sun’ murmuration of starlings – a phenomenon that sees thousands upon thousands of birds filling the sky and flying as one – we created a series of hugely impactful incidental films that referenced some of the natural world’s most awe-inspiring comings together.

Illustration. Motion Graphics. Film. Sound Design.

Art frames from the final animation, in a colour palette designed to support the conference environment

Delivering Information… In Formation

Nuanced in its subtle variance, and disciplined by its deliberately narrow colour palette, this is nonetheless a bold and impactful piece of short-form filmmaking. Everything from the use of real instrumentation within the music to the digital representation of wild animals moving at full pelt. 

UI Motion Graphics.

Instrument Of Desire

‘Instrument’ being the product name given to Stibo System’s industry-leading inventory indexing software. Possessing almost infinite complexity it needed showcasing as the simple-to-use and everyday tool it was designed to be. With it targeting some of the world’s biggest retail businesses, the film and messaging needed to match those same levels of expectation, sensibilities and sophistication.

The challenge was to turn screenshots of a half-finished product demo into something that quickly and simply showcased the system’s primary features and benefits. All with the operator/user/viewer in mind. STENCIL took something that had been put together with absolute function at its heart and made it feel like an exciting customer journey.

Senior Vice President, Product Management

“I love the creativity of the STENCIL team. I bring them a business problem with a vague concept, and they come back with creative branding and polished collateral – all with just the right phrasing”