Following two major acquisitions in the space of a year, Challenge-trg Group has become a significant player in the transport & logisitics recruitment and training arena. We were brought in to bring clarity to their brand image, values and offering.

Aligning The Look Of A Growing
Warehousing & Logistics People Business

As is the way with mergers and acquisitions, there tends to be more differences than similarities. Especially in terms of how each component business presents itself. To get everything pointing in the right direction, the first challenge was to understand the hierarchy. From there, set out what to keep and what to lose. And from there-there, decide an overall means by which to unify but allow for some degrees of separation. A new logo device – complete with animation – formed the arrowhead of what has been an extended piece of work.

Branding. Website Design. Film. Animation. Social Media. Print.

The last 18 months has seen STENCIL deliver a host of digital assets, print pieces and films, all propelling growth and supporting sales. Everything from Facebook campaigns to social media posts. Animated and high-definition film. Sales decks, posters and presenters.

Challenge-trg Group are a retained client, for which we do a range of design and conceptual design work. In print, in film and online. 

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