In Design.

Luca joins us from Nottingham Trent University as a visionary who has only very-recently completed a degree in Graphic Design. She’ll be putting pen to paper across all of STENCIL’s creatively led projects, and loads of other stuff too.

Let’s start with life before STENCIL, what inspired you to start design?
“I’ve always loved illustrating, whether that be drawing, making characters, or just sketching. I was adamant I wanted to do that in some way shape or form from the get-go. My biggest inspiration is Junji Ito, he’s a manga artist, horror manga to be precise. His work is beautiful, he possesses an ability to tell a story through the medium of art.”

“I really enjoyed working on Sonny Liston’s portrait, it felt like I captured his character”

– Luca on her Ito inspired illustration for Baddies No.6
What did you study at university?
“After messing around a bit too much at college I found myself on a Foundation Degree in Arts, a Graphic Design Course. Despite initially wanting to study solely illustration, the course itself was perfect. My graduation is around the corner which feels weirdly soon but I’m looking forward to life after studies. And have been for some time.”
How is life in the studio treating you?
“After meeting Andy in a coffee shop by chance, sitting here seven months later is somewhat of a surprise. It’s a fantastic environment, a new one for me having worked as a barista in a coffee shop in Derby – that was cool – and as a caterer in the NHS (less so). I’m super happy with how my Illustrations have come to life in Pitch – Stories of Modern Sport!”
Leeds United Boss, Don Revie in Pitch Issue 3
History of the Isle of Man TT: Issue 3
Simon Shaw: Issue 3
The Barkley Marathons: Issue 4
What do you like to do outside of work?
“Mostly drawing and a little bit of dance. Both are creative spaces in their own right. I was the Vice President of a hip-hop dance society at university, it offers a different way of expressing yourself, of getting lost in the performance. Which ties in perfectly to illustrating.”
What are your goals moving forwards?
“Now I’ve finished university I’d just like to draw for fun again, and perhaps find my way into animation – that’s the dream – I find the process a relaxing one, almost like meditation. Translating what I have been learning here is a great process – illustrating dynamic athletes in motion has been invaluable. Outside of that, meeting friends is now the main focus, and just generally enjoying the journey.”