Making The Dream Real

Creating a new company website is never something to enter into lightly. It’s time-consuming. To some a necessary evil. To other businesses only amounting to as much as a nice-to-have. But to an ever-increasing number it’s the whole shooting match.

It takes focus to conceptualise. Commitment to create. And stamina to finally pull together. And it can be a long and winding road in getting all of these elements to converge and launch.

Ultimately, a website is the most public part of modern business. Accessible to anyone. From anywhere. At any time. And under that scrutiny it needs to showcase what you do. What you’re all about. And even what it’s like to work with you. As people. Organisationally. Operationally. With all of this in need of communicating without risk of confusion.

As a business we are no different in that regard. Our own self-appointed brief was to humbly but confidently showcase our work and services; both historic and new.

Practically, we wanted the content to present well on mobile, tablet and desktop, with a minimum of clicks (hence our use of sliding galleries) to get to any of the stories. Instantaneously where possible. In that desire we are no different to anyone else in 2016.

We also wanted to show what could be achieved with creativity as much as technology. Because as a business we mainly sell creativity.

We needed to be able to tap into social media easily. And participate if we wanted to. And with that in mind, we also ensured that our logo worked advantageously in that digital world. That portrait-shaped; landscape-shaped; square; oblong; transparent & round place. Depending on the platform. Defined by the medium. And as a consequence, and we think rather cleverly, so is STENCIL.

We’ve also included some text that underpins our processes. And some guarantees. And the most important of all, what we can do for clients. Practically and theoretically.

It’s all here. Our story. A new story. And never more than a click from the surface. It’s designed to be that way.