Keep On Keeping On

STENCIL Creative Agency working procedure, as of 16 March 2020

Knowing that it’s as easy for us as for anyone to disband our office gave me the confidence to do just that last week. I doubt any of you will have noticed any change unless we’ve spoken about it.

We reacted to a sense of increasing nervousness – around client meetings in London and further afield – which proved sufficient stimulus to up sticks and out. A case of us putting an iMac or two in the boot of each car and let’s see how we like it in, well, as long as it takes really.

I have to say that as a busy studio in general, staff are used to having their collective heads down, working across multiple projects simultaneously, occasionally without much talking. But there’s a lot of difference, we all know, between choosing to isolate yourself in some form or other and being told to do so. With that potential feeling of remoteness in mind we are experimenting with our internal comms, in order to feel as connected as we possibly can. For as much of the working day as possible. We shall see how we all feel about the new dawn of homeworking – as a reality as opposed to a concept – when we’ve all had a good mass dose of it.

But work is being done. Apace. We’ve just sent a new magazine project to press, which we are all looking forward to seeing hit the streets. We’ve several websites in development, a film in edit and work commencing with a new client encompassing pretty much everything we do. From critical thinking to print and digital comms pieces. I’d like to say it’s ‘business as usual’, but it isn’t, is it. It’s business unusual x

Andy Afford, Managing Director, STENCIL