Prospecting For Gold

The brief was to reimagine this famous old independent school’s sport prospectus, reflecting the school’s status as one of the very best in this field in the world. 

Across the education sector these are generally pretty standard in terms of form and format. Knocked out as and when the need arises. With production values seemingly more important than concept and content.

Flying in the face of these prevailing conditions, it was felt that this 450-year-old seat of learning’s ancient and modern pedigree deserved a different treatment. STENCIL put forward a high concept approach but strident execution, supported by top-class portraiture that placed the pupils at the forefront of the print piece, not the school.

An eye-catching split-run cover design is backed up by photography that promotes aspiration but not at the expense of inclusion. Making the content appropriate for parents of prospective future Reptonians seeing themselves as participants at all points on the ‘loving sports’ continuum.