Vikings Of Rock ‘n Roll

As with the three other fine Scandinavian capitals of Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm… Oslo is an undeniable feast for artistic eyes. And Norway’s capital city-on-water had STENCIL’s Sam Bowles marvelling at what he discovered over a few lo-ong summer days.

Arriving in the country’s principle metropolitan aggregation primarily to witness the first night of rock five-piece Radiohead‘s world tour in support of ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, a bi-product was the opportunity for the star snapper to photograph one of the world’s great cities. In all its understated and by contrast on occasion somewhat surprisingly extravagant glory.

Described as ‘breathtaking’ by the returning art director, and a mix of ‘Scandi-cool and New York swagger’, this haven for 1.7m residents also offered the opportunity to enjoy world-class cafe culture, jaw-dropping architecture and even its own mad-keen cyclist as king. All these outweighing Oslo’s well-documented reputation for hugely expensive beer. 

With the city laid out across what amounted to a single unending waterfront development, for three days in early June the results of a camera rarely away made for a surprising showreel of Europe’s fastest-growing, most interconnected and multi-cultural urban areas. And Thom Yorke’s lot weren’t too shabby either…