Perkins Bar & Bistro

Modern Victoriana

The Perkins Family restaurant group has been at the forefront of top class socialising and dining for decades now. Most recently within its Spanish-themed baresca and escabeche sites but before that in the rural surrounds of the Nottinghamshire Wolds.

That original restaurant now benefits from extensive rebranding by STENCIL to include a new logo mark, concepts and name change to emerge as Perkins Bar & Bistro.

STENCIL chose to reference the locale and history in the hand-drawn feel of the design and associated imagery, with the look brought up to date via the use of a handcrafted font. The final roll-out will include new menu design, environmental graphics and branding throughout.

Perkins Bar Bistro menu design

Perkins Bar Bistro Sunday menu design

Perkins Bar Bistro Brand design logo


Jon Perkins, Managing Director, Perkins Family
"STENCIL has been instrumental in advising and developing how we present the business. We wouldn't have made the progress we have without them"