Notts On Top

Nottingham is actually pretty hot stuff as a creative centre. We think it’s worth listing the things, people and places it has given the world.

UNESCO City of Literature, The Sally Army, First City of Football, Robin Hood, Joe Dempsie, Lace, The Flying Bedstead, Ibuprofen, Paul Smith, Jake Bugg, Ian Paice, Market Square, Forest, County, Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, Goose Fair, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Trent Bridge, Raleigh Bikes, Jesse Boot, Bio City, Games Workshop, Game City, Rock City, Vicky McClure, Player’s, DH Lawrence, Byron, Sillitoe, Tarmac, Traffic Lights, Torvill & Dean, MRIs, Nottingham Contemporary, Wollaton Hall (pictured above), Supermarket Sweep and the phrase Ay up, me duck x