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Talking Utter Billb*ards

September 27 and STENCIL is up before first light, wagons a-rolling in the direction of Wokingham for the ISBI’s ‘Influence & Persuasion: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions’ Conference 2018.

A gathering of marketing heads and influencers, all working in the rarefied world of independent schools, the event constitutes a mix of main auditorium talks, side room workshops and informal gathering, each supporting an overarching goal of improvement and best practice.

STENCIL was asked to deliver a 45-minute keynote address, outlining the principles behind doing print well. And why it counts.

An expert in the field, Andy Afford represented the business on stage, delivering a rollicking three-quarter of an hour dash through everything he knows. On just about all he knows anything about…

The presentation featured a mix of the very-best work in the field, anecdotes, war stories and insight. With creativity a core component, the ‘sell-y’ part of the pitch, saw STENCIL presented as a potential partner, on hand to infuse delegates’ own work with those same values represented as the gold standard up on the big screen. All 30-foot high, behind the impossibly good-looking speaker x

Delivered in the beautiful surrounds of Luckley House School’s Whitty Theatre, swearing was kept to a minimum, slides flowed perfectly and such was the positivity of the feedback that the seven o’clock arrival (not to mention the four-thirty AM leave) was all worthwhile.

To receive a printed version of the above – mailed to you as a printed summary of the presentation – email It’s worth a look. Promise x