Fox and Grapes pub exterior design photo


Back For Good

STENCIL was lucky enough to attend the opening of Castle Rock Brewery’s latest pub venture, the rejuvenated and iconic Fox & Grapes on Nottingham’s Sneinton Market.

It was named the Fox & Grapes, but known as Pretty Windows. It later found a good degree of notoriety – a murder and its unique off-duty cops n robbers clientele- before lying dormant and unloved for over a decade. But it’s back. And it’s lovely. But don’t just take our word for it, make the effort and come down.

It has all the elements you might want in a boozer. Low seats and high windows for one. Perfect if you’re ‘wagging off’ work or just gathering your thoughts. Loads of seats. An outdoor space. An interesting mix of people – on last night’s showing particularly – and a real sense of history. Oh, and the beer was pretty bloody good too.

With the redevelopment of Sneinton Market showing no signs of letting up – the graffiti’d and somewhat derelict ‘upperside’ units being planned for a facelift of their own, and with fewer use restrictions in play – a night or day ‘down the Market’ becomes closer to a reality. It’s great and getting even better on Nottingham’s old eastside.