baresca tapas

Launching a new range of takeaway tapas boxes for baresca and escabeche

When customers can’t come to you, you need to go to them. And with all sit-down restaurants finding trading conditions the hardest they’ve ever encountered, then this took a bit of getting heads around, as it’s not what you do, as a rule.

But once Nottingham’s tapas champions , baresca and escabeche, had done the soul searching, they then wanted to do something a bit more inspired with their take-out packaging than just deliver their sensational food all hot and fresh. 

There were lots of considerations with the boxes. From the right size and number of punched-out holes for the silver foil to sit in. To what should be done with the box itself. When all was measured and agreed, adding a bit of extra-extra-extra colour to the already appetising food was the just ticket to ride.