Confetti IW21

Confetti Industry Week 2021 is enjoyed by the STENCIL team of interns and then captured from the inside for the benefit of future students

It was a commission from the event hosts (and partner of STENCIL) to show what students got out of their fantastic week of industry leading lectures, webinars, seminars and pre-records.

Ensuring we were primed to do things well took a bit of organising. Making sure that all those involved had an at-home set-up to do the right job was vital. And that job in need of doing was to look professional enough, as to not be distracting, but informal enough to look real. Talking to a camera isn’t easy. We all know that, right? And doing it naturally is the hardest thing of all. But by putting a team together that involved the students in the process of filming themselves, also saw that we got the aesthetic right when putting the footage together as a single short-form film at the end of it. It was a job overseen by a couple of our experienced editors, but largely created and put together by the students involved.

You can see the finished film here. It’s fab.