cinch PCA awards

Keeping busy delivering a ton of work for the cinch PCA Awards 2021, complete with new lead partner

Just about the whole of the month of September has seen the studio heads-down, asses up, working on cricket’s major awards programme and event. 

This year is different to many in recent times, in that the PCA Awards had a new lead partner. In the form of find-yourself-a-car company, cinch. The brand has been everywhere on the TV of late, particularly high-profile has been an ad campaign fronted by reality tv ultra-personality, Rylan Clark-Neal. The studio may not have seen hide nor hair of the X Factor contestant cum BBC Radio 2 DJ, but we have seen the faces of a ton of other people. Mainly cricketers…

We’ve been told that it is the first change of headline sponsor for a decade, and this may not sound much of a change, design-wise, but in reality it has proven quite a bit to square off. That challenge emanates from their being big differences – as you might expect – between the brand guidelines of outgoing brand NatWest and the incomers. This all needed understanding, first and foremost, before interpreting. With the second part of the challenge being the studio working out what this meant practically. 

Outside of the logo redesign, the studio handled a mountain for social media assets, some animated film, event collateral and effectively ‘anyone else who knows me’. But it proved a great learning opportunity for the less experienced  team members to cut their teeth on. And it was also a real chance to see what it takes to deliver an event and campaign of this scale and profile.