To Digital

Until the STENCIL studio got it as a design job, this digitised version for Oakham’s historic school crest didn’t really exist in a useable form.

The closest to it being a metre-high version chipped and chopped out of wood by a master carver and displayed on an exterior wall at the school many years ago. 

Rebuilding it in digital form, for the use of the school’s comms department, has taken a lot of fiddling with. Across a lot of detail. A matter of fixing things rather than changing them. That process has included everything from redrawing existing lines more consistently and of the same thickness. To filling in gaps and breaks where lines used to be but now aren’t. Plus making more solid those elements appearing within the composition that have lost definition and faded over time. But the end result is what matters. And it looks good. And most importantly, is once again useful and useable.